About Marker Memories

MarkerMemories.com is owned and operated by Simple is Good Inc - a technology company specializing in web technologies and business applications.

Our Mission

We created this portal to showcase our unique What You See Is What you Get online ordering process and to allow Canadians to order high quality bronze and aluminium markers at affordable prices from the comfort of their own home.


We feel that the process of buying grave markers and memorial plaques in Canada leaves a lot of room for improvement. Typically the process involves a funeral home sales representative, a choice of a few items and a premium pricetag.

Our solution saves you money by cutting out the middlemen, offering a great selection of high quality products, hand-made by some of the best craftsmen in Canada.

This website offers technology to allow you to create a design using a visual process. We hope you find it easy to use and pass our website to others who may need our products.

Design your custom memorial plaque or grave marker in a few easy steps!