FAQs: Grave Markers / Memorial Plaques

How long does it take to receive my grave marker / memorial plaque?

You should receive your grave marker / memorial plaque 4 - 6 weeks after placing an order.

How do I install the grave marker / memorial plaque I ordered?

For cemetery products, lugs are cast onto the back of the plaque. These are drilled and tapped to accept a threaded rod. You will need to drill holes in the mounting surface slightly larger than the diameter of the lugs. Usually you would fill the mounting hole with quickset cement, silicone or epoxy and set the grave marker / memorial plaque in place and allow the adhesive to set.

What happens if there is a mistake?

If we make a mistake, we will replace the product at no charge. If you make a mistake, unfortunately we cannot re-make it at no charge due to the custom nature of the product.

Design your custom memorial plaque or grave marker in a few easy steps!